LeBron James Dances On The Blazers With A Trio Of Crossovers Before Drilling A Jumper


Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are generally considered the best ball handlers in basketball. And while both players are certainly remarkable in that regard, their prowess isn’t exactly surprising, either. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers playmakers, after all, are point guards.

LeBron James isn’t on the level of either player as a dribbler. Frankly, that area of his game has actually been surprisingly stagnant over the past decade-plus. On the other hand, it’s not like the four-time MVP has all that much room to improve off the bounce.

Curry, Irving, and several others make plays like this one look routine. What’s the difference them and James? Several inches and some 60 pounds, of course. It’s notable when any player pulls off a sequence like this, basically, but especially one with the size and strength of LeBron.

Age and mileage be damned, he’s still an absolute freak.