Let’s All Overreact To LeBron James Throwing A Towel On Kevin Love

02.23.15 4 years ago

The Cavs won easily on Sunday with an all-around effort that saw four Cavs crack double-figures with none of them breaking the 30-minute mark. It was a fun game with former Cavs J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert rim rocking a rebuttal to their former boss. But then LeBron James had to go and throw a towel on Kevin Love — and it’s the basketball equivalent of Jay Z rocking an illuminati pendant.

Love semi-froze like he was hurt by the accidental towel throw, and it plays into the ongoing narrative maybe the two stars aren’t so hunky-dory.

We doubt LeBron meant for it to land on Love’s head, but James does cast a sideways glance before the throw, so of course some are now saying it was intentional and an example of a larger discord.

Others use Brendan Haywood’s reaction to Love’s botched dunk against the Wizards on Friday as evidence Love’s become the Cyril Figgis of the Cavs.

NBA teams are like various cliques in the cafeteria: they’re filled with all manner of interpersonal dynamics outsiders can only pretend to understand. Some beat reporters might have a better grasp of Love and LeBron’s relationship, but all the guesswork is usually putative and it gets quite tiresome.

Let the fellas play. Love’s relationship with LeBron will be sifted through plenty this summer when he’s deciding whether to re-sign, but for now let’s try to tone down the amateur body language assessments.

[Vine via Ananth Pandian; H/T Lang Whitaker]

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