LeBron James Committed The Most Egregious Uncalled Travel Of The Young Season

The NBA’s worst-kept secret is just how often — and how blatantly — players of all stature get away with obvious traveling violations. It’s been a running joke for the past couple of decades. The only rational response is to learn to stop worrying and embrace the travel. Shaqtin-a-Fool has become our collective release valve in that regard.

Because when they are good, they are stupefyingly good. Think back to Corey Brewer’s dead sprint from the half-court line a few years back, or Russell Westbrook’s casual Sunday stroll after taking an inbounds pass. There are too many to mention, but they are truly part of what makes the NBA great.

On Wednesday night, LeBron James blessed us with another one, which is sure to go down in the annals of great travels in league history. As he was coming across the half-court line against the Jazz, Bron picked up his dribble, took several steps, then resumed his dribble, all right in front of the referee, as Bojan Bogdanovic erupted into an understandable fit of outrage.

For LeBron haters, accusing him of traveling is one of their favorite pastimes, but this one was so outrageous and so clearly a violation, that even LeBron himself had to admit it.

After the game, LeBron explained what happened and said he felt bad for the refs because they’ll get a write up for not calling it, likely because they like everyone else were stunned by it.

Let’s just bask in its glory, because at least this missed call won’t lead to a protest and a request to replay the game from that point.