The Clippers Made A Blake Griffin Museum And Compared Him To Gandhi As Part Of Their Free Agent Pitch

07.01.17 12 months ago

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The Los Angeles Clippers really, really wanted Blake Griffin to re-sign with the team. In fact, when you dig into the lengths they went to get Griffin to abandon free agency and stay in Lob City it’s all a bit unsettling.

Griffin signed a 5-year deal to stay with the Clippers early Saturday morning when free agency opened in the NBA, which was a bit of a surprise given that Los Angeles seemed to inch toward rebuilding when it traded Chris Paul. But the Clippers were confident they could retain Griffin, and made an all-out push to keep him in town. Lawrence Frank called Griffin “Clipper royalty” in an interview on Wednesday, and the team pulled out all the stops when they met with Griffin on Friday night.

That included a museum to Griffin and his life in Los Angeles, which kind of sounds like a Griffin-centric version of Stations of the Cross. It apparently worked like a charm.

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