Part Of The Lakers’ Free Agent Pitch To Paul George Has Leaked

06.25.18 1 year ago

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LeBron James said he’s not interested in an elaborate free agent pitch when he hits the market this summer, but that doesn’t mean other big names on the market don’t want the pomp and circumstance that comes with contract courtship.

Paul George is the other big target for many teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers. Like James, George also has to opt out of his player option to hit the market, but both of those things are widely expected to happen. And while George has apparently taken a shine to Oklahoma City thanks to his year on the Thunder, the LA native is considered to be a big target for the Lakers. That means a lot of planning for their official pitch to the All-Star whenever the team is finally able to sit down with him.

These presentations can seem absurdly complicated from afar. Remember, for example, the wild pitch Blake Griffin got from the Clippers last summer Well, he’s a member of the Detroit Pistons now. Times change, I guess, but the point is that teams put a lot of time and resources into getting these things right.

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