Duke Women’s Basketball Got Embarrassed When They Were Tricked Into Defending The Wrong Basket

It’s rare Duke basketball gets embarrassed at Cameron Indoor, but that’s exactly what happened to the Blue Devils on Monday.

Mariya Moore got an easy basket for the Cardinals women’s basketball team when Louisville fooled Duke into guarding the wrong basket to start the second half. Both teams lined up at the hoop to the left of an inbounding Briahanna Jackson while Moore stood on what was actually Duke’s side of the halfcourt.

When Jackson passed the ball in to start the second half, Moore sprinted down the court all alone for the uncontested layup to make it 27-23 Even the ESPN broadcast didn’t seem to understand what was happening. They were casually talking about Louisville’s third quarter scoring while the Cardinals were already scoring points just two seconds into the third quarter.

While the Louisville bench celebrated, Duke’s players slowly realized what happened. Duke guard Rebecca Greenwell had to run all the way back to the proper baseline to inbound the ball to junior guard Lexie Brown, who beat the already set-up press to continue the game. Everyone was back in the correct place, but the damage had already been done.

Thankfully for Duke, they overcame the mistake to win by three—58-55. Should have been five.