European Hoops Star Luka Doncic Made Drilling A Full Court Shot Look Easy

12.14.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Luka Doncic is going to be selected at the top of the 2018 NBA Draft. Whether that means he’s going No. 1 overall or within the top-5 remains to be seen, but regardless, Real Madrid’s young star from Slovenia seems like he is going to make quite the impact in the NBA.

Doncic possesses a myriad of skills that make NBA teams salivate. He is an outstanding passer and his ability to set up his teammates is a massive asset at 6’8. His feel for the game is so good that you forget he’s 18, as he plays like a seasoned veteran.

Oh, and apparently, his shooting range extends to about 85 feet. Real Madrid and Barcelona Lassa faced off on Thursday, with Real Madrid coming out on top, 87-75. At the end of the third quarter, Doncic did this.

I will say with some confidence that if Doncic can consistently hit shots from inside the opposite three-point line, he will be a very good basketball player for a long time. But since that’s almost certainly not going to happen, teams will have to take solace with the fact that he’s really, really good at most other things on the offensive side of the ball.

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