Magic Johnson Offered Up A Predictable Mount Rushmore Of NBA Coaches

Magic Johnson is perhaps the most boring man in sports media. Whether it’s intentional or just who he is, there’s no mistaking the level of blandness that comes with one of his observations.

Thanks, Magic.

But that’s Twitter. When he’s on ESPN, he’s going to bring the fire. The heat. The opinion that will have people talking. Like when he was asked to reveal his Mount Rushmore of NBA coaches. Hit them with it, Magic.

Phil Jackson. Red Auerbach. Pat Riley. Gregg Popovich.

Among NBA coaches with at least 20 seasons of experience, they rank 1-4 in win percentage. In postseason victories, they rank 1, 2, 3 and 5, as Auerbach’s 99 are one fewer than that of Larry Brown. In NBA titles, they rank 1-4, although Popovich and Riley both have five are tied with John Kundla. Magic wishes he could have played for Pop because he coaches hard like Riley coached him in Los Angeles. That’s it.

You can’t get a cooler take than this. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with Magic’s selections. But literally anyone can do and say what Magic says. It’s better to have a correct take than a hot one, but man. Jimmy in the production truck could have listed these four coaches for probably half of Magic’s salary, and I bet Jimmy has the occasional fire tweet about the NBA.


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