Magic Johnson Responds to Omission From LeBron James’ Top 3 All-Time Players

After LeBron James proclaimed Dr. J, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan as his all-time top three players in NBA history, Magic Johnson was his usual convivial self. That’s what happens when you’re a five-time NBA champion. But Magic also let LeBron know about their overall ring counts today on Twitter.

The Jordan and Bird choices make sense, but LeBron’s Dr. J choice probably annoyed NBA historians. ‘Bron’s Erving — but not Earvin — was clear when he donned the Doctor’s No. 6 in a retro IG video yesterday. Initially, Magic issued a diplomatic response to LeBron’s unintentional snub (he later said Magic would be No. 4 on his all-time list).


But then, like most competitors that have achieved as much as Earvin has, he reminded LeBron he’s still got a little ways to go before catching Larry, Magic or Michael. LeBron has already doubled the number of championships Dr. J won in the NBA (though he did get 2 ABA championships with the New York Nets, too).


While Magic’s tweet is true, Robert Horry has 7 rings with three different teams (HOU, LAL, SAS), and Bill Russell won 11 titles during his 13 dominating seasons in the league, including the last two as a player/coach after Red Auerbach retired from coaching. While we usually ascribe to the “NBA Championship rings are all that matter” ethos espoused by Magic on Twitter today, we can’t help but also point out that Horry and Russell (and a lot of Russell’s Celtics teammates) have won more rings than Magic, too.

So we’re looking forward to Sam Jones calling out Magic on Twitter for only earning half of his 10 NBA Championship rings as a member of those same 60’s Celtics.

[h/t: Sun-Sentinel]

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