Manute Bol’s 7-Foot Son Busted Out A Between The Legs Dunk In The Middle Of A Game

Remembering the name of Manute Bol’s son won’t be difficult. There are three reasons for this:

  1. He is the son of a 7’7 person who played professional basketball.
  2. His name is “Bol Bol,” so it’s kind of hard to mess that up if you remember his dad’s name.
  3. He is an awesome basketball player who is going to play in the NBA some day.

Bol the younger is currently a junior at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Ca. According to his 247Sports Composite rating, he is a five-star recruit. Bol is the 15th-best prospect in the class of 2018, and his offer sheet boasts schools like Arizona and Kansas.

Additionally, while you may think that’s he probably plays like his dad, that’s actually not the case. We’ve seen in the past that he has a pretty refined offensive game for being a teenage seven footer, but as we saw this week, he’s also really athletic. During a game, Bol got the ball in his hands on a fast break with no one between him and the rim.

Instead of dunking like normal, he showed off his skill, athleticism, flashiness, and courage, as our dude went between the legs in the middle of a game. And the craziest part? This isn’t the first time he’s done this exact move before.

Odds are he’s going to have to do sprints during practice if he ever does this in a college game, but we fully endorse Manute Bol’s 7’2 teenage son clowning fools like this during the rest of his basketball career.