Marcus Smart Was Surprised With Donuts At Practice On His 26th Birthday

Marcus Smart turned 26 on Friday, and the Boston Celtics celebrated with the help of a giant foam cup at their practice facility in Boston. Smart was surprised after practice by the Celtics mascot as well as that of Dunkin Donuts, which gave him a cookie cake and custom donuts while the team sang “Happy Birthday” for the Celtics star.

Smart works with Dunkin, so perhaps it isn’t a surprise that they would do something nice for him on his birthday. But he certainly didn’t know that Friday’s party was coming. Reporters caught sight of it all on Friday, and he certainly looked caught unawares.

The video from the Celtics twitter account is particularly funny, as you catch the look of joy on his face as a giant cup and a man dressed as a leprechaun give him a cake.

The donuts Smart got were what he was really excited about, and for good reason. Check out Smart’s picture on one of the donuts.

Smart told the media assembled there that it was “definitely” the first time he’s been wished happy birthday by a giant mascot, though he said he doesn’t think it will be the last time.

“Now I’m ready for it,” he said.