Mark Cuban Had Some Radical Ideas For Draft Reform Shot Down By The NBA

10.19.17 5 months ago 2 Comments

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The NBA adopted some significant rule changes regarding the draft lottery this offseason in order to try and prevent teams from tanking. The new rules lessen the odds of the worst teams in the league to land the top pick and make it more likely that there will be significant shuffling of teams from their lottery slot to actual draft slot in June.

However, there are plenty that wonder if this will actually succeed in persuading teams not to tank. There is still incentive to get the best odds possible even if those odds aren’t as strong as they once were. Among those that have questions about the effectiveness of the new rules is Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who was the one owner that abstained from voting — Oklahoma City was the lone “no” vote on the changes that passed 28-1-1.

As Cuban recently told ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, he abstained because he thought he had made two stronger proposals than the one eventually adopted by the NBA into law.

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