Mark Cuban Pledged To Reimburse Mavericks Employees Who Purchase From Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing habits across the globe, with many self-quarantining, a practice that includes working from home and going out less frequently. As a result, small businesses risk losing a whole lot of money, something they may not be able to afford. With that as the backdrop, CivicScience put forth a policy to reimburse its employees for purchases for coffee and lunches in local communities.

In the sports world, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been leading the charge to compensate workers affected by the suspension of the NBA, immediately committing to support arena employees during the coronavirus shutdown. Cuban showed immediate support for the CivicScience initiative and, within just a few hours, he was publicly committing to reimburse employees, both from the Mavericks and his other companies, for “lunch and coffee/teas” purchased from local and independent businesses for at least the next month.

Cuban is a controversial figure in some circles but, in the last few days, he has been aggressive and timely in doing the right thing in multiple ways. As a result, other owners (and even players) have stepped in to support those with less stable financial situations, and though there are still myriad economic and health-based concerns, Cuban’s contributions shouldn’t be ignored.

Many will be working from home for an extended stretch and, while there will be plenty of attention paid to the economy through the lens of industries in the travel space and the stock market, there are other considerations in play. Kudos to Cuban for once again stepping out in a thoughtful manner.