$#*! Mark Jackson Says: His Top 5 Catchphrases

Yesterday, the Warriors announced that Mark Jackson will take the reins as the new head coach. Jackson, a former NBA point guard, has gained notoriety in recent years thanks to his position as an NBA analyst for ESPN and ABC. Never one to shy away from having his opinion heard, he’s best known for coining a number of catchphrases that have left some basketball fans scratching their heads.

With Jackson out of the analyst seat and patrolling the sidelines next season, we thought it was a perfect time to reminisce on some of his finer moments as an announcer. Without further ado, here are Jackson’s top five catchphrases:

“Grown Man Move”

“You’re Better Than That”

“You Talk About”

“Mama, There Goes That Man

“Hand Down, Man Down”

If we’re lucky, perhaps Jackson will drop a few more gems before the 2011 NBA Finals come to a close.

What’s your favorite Mark Jackson catchphrase?

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