Master P Seriously Wants To Become An Assistant Coach For The Pelicans

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The New Orleans Pelicans are very intriguing in the NBA world, even if the results during the 2016-2017 season haven’t been ideal after adding DeMarcus Cousins to the fold. With that in mind, long-time rapper and former NBA training camp invitee Master P believes he has the solutions to all of the team’s problems.

In speaking with TMZ Sports, Percy Miller (Master P’s given name) weighed in on the prospects of becoming an assistant coach for the Pelicans. First, Master P indicated that “they need (him) to be an assistant coach” before doubling down and indicating that he is “serious about coaching” in New Orleans.

Obviously, there could be a hint of overstatement here, as he isn’t exactly qualified on the surface to be an NBA assistant without working his way up the coaching ranks. Still, Master P did land in two NBA training camps (with the Hornets and Raptors) as a player in his younger days, so it’s not like he doesn’t know anything about basketball.

It seems wildly unlikely that Master P will be patrolling the sidelines at the professional level as a coach, but that won’t stop him from angling for the job. In short, this is pretty harmless, but if you’re the Pelicans, it probably doesn’t hurt that a public figure like this is at least displaying real investment in the team and its well-being.