Master P And Romeo Want To Sign Zion Williamson To A $20 Million Shoe Deal

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Zion Williamson will be the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft in June, and he’ll almost certainly play for the New Orleans Pelicans this fall. A lot of the Duke freshman’s future plans have already been mapped out by the lottery balls and current NBA season. But that doesn’t mean Williamson is without choice as he starts his professional career.

Perhaps the biggest decision he’ll have to make is his endorsement deal with a shoe company. He has a somewhat unofficial relationship with Nike, who supply shoes for the Blue Devils and put in a significant amount of work to build a custom shoe after one of theirs exploded on him during a game against North Carolina.

It’s extremely likely that Williamson gets himself a signature shoe from a big company like Nike, which is currently the favorite. But others hope Williamson will wear their gear, including rapper Master P.

According to TMZ Sports, he and Romeo hope to sign Williamson to a shoe deal of their own, and want to put him in the movies as well. The two were interviewed by TMZ Sports and the New Orleans rappers said they want Williamson involved with their MoneYatti shoe company.

“I know Zion gonna get a big shoe deal from Nike or Adidas or whatever. We gonna get him a deal just to have to wear shoes outside of basketball.”

Question is, how much is P willing to pay?

“Just to wear it on the side, not in the game, I’m saying $20 [million].”

Master P also wants Williamson to start acting, and says he has a role for the Duke standout in the sequel to his I Got The Hook-Up 2, which comes out in July.

This is far different than the cries from some that Williamson should be in the LeBron James-led Space Jam movie, but getting a movie role before you’re even in the NBA is yet another big indication that Williamson is different among prospects going pro. That includes possibly two shoe deals before Zion ever takes the NBA floor.

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