Matt Barnes’ Son Expertly Trolls His Dad By Dressing Up As Stephen Curry

Matt Barnes is an expert at getting under people’s skin, and it appears as if one of his twin sons is becoming a chip off the old block. For school today, Barnes’ two boys were supposed to dress up as someone they admire. One went the normal path, choosing their father. The second, well…


This is just an expert troll job from Barnes Junior. The key is the subtlety. If his son had come out in a Stephen Curry mask and jersey, it would have been too much. Likewise, if he had come out just in Steph’s kicks, it would have been too little. The jersey and shorts are the perfect amount, while his smug, self-satisfied, I-totally-got-you smile is the cherry on top of the troll sundae.

While Barnes and Curry haven’t necessarily had a beef in the past, there was a moment earlier this year, when Barnes was on the wrong end of a Curry highlight. Barnes threw an inbounds pass that hit the back of the backboard and ended up in the hands of Curry. Steph swished the ensuing shot for three of his 27 points.


And yet, Barnes’ son dressing up wearing Curry’s jersey on the day he was supposed to dress up like someone he looked up to was more cruel than any crossover Steph could ever pull on Barnes.

(Matt Barnes Instagram)