Metta World Peace Turned A Mundane Question Into A Bizarre Rant About Childbirth

The NBA, quite simply, is a better place when Metta World Peace is in it. That’s because you never know what kind of off-the-wall, borderline-deranged monologues he might deliver when you put a microphone in front of him. So God bless the Los Angeles Lakers for inexplicably bringing him back into the fold for one more season. Here’s what he told reporters recently when asked a perfectly innocuous question about whether he and his teammates were enjoying themselves at training camp so far.

And that’s not even the first time this week that World Peace has turned an otherwise mundane question from the media into a one-man circus act. When they initially brought him back last season, it was primarily supposed to be in a quote – brace yourself – mentorship capacity. Now, it’s clear they’re letting him hang around purely for entertainment purposes. But don’t tell him that.

Despite logging just five points per game in 17 minutes of action last season while shooting 31 percent from the field, he’s confident that he could easily average 15-20 points if only given the chance to shine. But with all of the Lakers’ young talent that needs developing, it’s highly unlikely he’ll see more opportunities. It looks we’ll just have to settle for occasional lunatic ramblings to get our Metta World Peace fix this season.