Meyers Leonard Is Driving A Coors Light Bus Across The Country Ahead Of Free Agency

Everyone remembers Meyers Leonard shotgunning Coors Lights in about three seconds flat in the NBA Bubble this summer, and now it appears Leonard scored a sponsorship from Coors Light in the process.

In a new story from Anthony Chieng at the Miami Herald, Leonard discussed his fall road trip plans, which include riding with his wife and dog across the country in a massive bus painted on both sides with the Coors Light logo — Leonard made sure to note on Twitter that he will not actually be driving the RV. They will visit family in Illinois, Leonard said, before making their final stop in Golden, Colorado, where Coors Light is headquartered.

“It’s literally a match made in heaven, that’s the way I’ll put it,” Leonard told Chieng. “I love Coors Light. That’s what we drink where I’m from.”

As Leonard tells it, he downed a couple Coors Lights with his Heat teammates after every postseason win in the Bubble. Leonard also hopes to stick around with those same teammates moving forward, so long as he and the Miami front office can come to an agreement on a role and salary that suits him.

Leonard told Chieng of the Herald that he wants to win and play 20-25 minutes, which history has shown is unlikely. When Leonard was in Portland last year, the Trail Blazers were depleted by the conference finals and forced to put Leonard into the starting lineup, where he was attacked repeatedly by the Warriors in a sweep. He was then taken out of Miami’s starting lineup when they came to the Bubble.

Free agency may not be as nice as the summer Coors Light bus ride for Leonard and his family, but you can rest assured wherever he ends up the mountains will be blue.