Miami Barely Survives An Epic Game From Rajon Rondo; New Orleans Gets No. 1 Pick

05.31.12 7 years ago
Was it an offensive foul? Probably. Instead, Kevin Garnett got whistled for the foul despite getting kneed in the man parts, and Dwyane Wade converted a three-point play, the biggest play in overtime of Miami’s crazy 115-111 win. He helped make up for the fact that he made two poor plays near the end of regulation, which when coupled with LeBron James (34 points, 10 rebounds, seven dimes) missing two potential game-winners, forced overtime. The Heat needed all the help they could get (Udonis Haslem, Mario Chalmers, the refs) because Rajon Rondo played the single greatest game of his life (He also got screwed on a rather obviously call down the stretch). He had 44 points, eight rebounds, 10 assists and played every second. From the triples he was making to the shots in the lane to his overall aggressiveness, Rondo looked like far and away the best player on the floor … Why did the Celtics jump up by 10 early in the second quarter? Besides the fact that Ray Allen made a couple of shots for the first time in what seemed like a month, maybe it had something to do with Rajon Rondo being aggressive and actually shooting. He had 10 points by that point, and was even pure on a couple of pull-up jumpers. Rondo (22 points, seven dimes in the first half) continued to make shots in the second quarter, and in the irony of all ironies, could’ve had 30 at the half if he could’ve just converted on a few at the rim, normally his specialty. The Heat had shot 6-for-22 overall in the first quarter, while Boston was shooting the fake off Miami’s fans, blowing up for seven baskets at the rim in the first quarter, and then at one point making 10 in a row during the second quarter. Suddenly, it was a 15-point lead … Mario Chalmers (22 points) hit a corner triple and then got T’ed up for taunting Keyon Dooling (who reportedly drank three five-hour energy drinks before the game. Did he think they were going to play a 16OT game?) during the second quarter, which was funny because Miami hadn’t scored in about six minutes. It was about the only thing Chalmers did wrong the entire first half. Without him, Boston might’ve been up 20 because LeBron James was asleep and Dwyane Wade (23 points) was just awful. He didn’t score his first points until the final minute before halftime. Tony from “Blue Chips” would’ve been proud of his first half … Things turned in the third quarter because Wade finally got it going, hitting four of his six shots from the field and pulling Miami back within one pretty quickly. During that run, perhaps the biggest play came from Wade on the defensive end. Ray Allen grabbed a steal and would’ve had a layup. But with his ankle, he jumped about as high as Fat Joe can and Marquette’s finest easily snuffed it. On the next trip down, Udonis Haslem (courtesy of Wade) had a three-point play to push the Heat ahead for the first time since the opening minutes … Just a few moments later, LeBron DESTROYED Paul Pierce‘s lazy layup at the rim, and Wade converted for yet another three-point play on the other end. It certainly felt like the old fellas had lost their legs. By the time the third quarter ended, the Heat were up six and on the verge of blowing Boston back to the Northeast … Keep reading to hear about the NBA Lottery …

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