Michael Jordan Tossed The Internet Into Confusion With His ‘Ceiling Is The Roof’ UNC Halftime Speech

Michael Jordan is still considered the GOAT by many across this fair land, especially when it comes to the folks in Tar Heel country. The former UNC star and Chicago Bulls legend made an appearance in Chapel Hill on Saturday night to demonstrate, speaking to the crowd during halftime of the Duke / UNC game. While he was there to pump up the crowd, he was also there on business, announcing that the Tar Heels football team will now ditch Nike for Jordan Brand in the upcoming season.

It was a fine speech that showed Jordan’s appreciation for his alma mater, but then he dropped this nugget near the end of the speech:

“The ceiling is the roof. Let’s make it happen. Let’s keep moving forward.”

With his assertion that “the ceiling is the roof,” all talk of Jordan Brand was forgotten and replaced by confusion all across the internet. Folks did whatever they could to understand what Jordan was hinting at with his comments but soon devolved into jokes and a wave of Crying Jordan memes.

Say what you will about Jordan’s confusing nod to UNC’s football team, it might just go down as a rallying cry out of the ashes of ridicule. I would at least take credit for UNC’s victory last night if I were Jordan, not because I actually think it did anything but because I’m Michael Jordan. I can do what I want.

(Via CBS)