Please Enjoy This Video Of Michael Jordan Playing Basketball Against Elliott Gould

There aren’t a lot of things from Michael Jordan’s career that are unknown to the majority of his fans, particularly after so many books have been written on the legendary figure — and, most recently, The Last Dance recounted a number of those stories to millions of viewers.

However, the internet is full of surprises and occasionally unearths something that people have never seen, and late Sunday night a Twitter user stumbled across something truly ridiculous: a 1988 charity basketball game between Michael Jordan and…Elliott Gould.

There are, best as I can tell, two YouTube videos that have this “very rare” footage, neither of which show Elliott Gould taking a shot which is a real crime against humanity, but you can see him egging Jordan on as Mike hits ridiculous shots while they play HORSE and Around The World. They also feature Jordan lying to Dick Van Patten and the entire world by saying he only plays golf in the offseason when we just saw video of him playing golf with Danny Ainge in the middle of the playoffs two years prior to this.

I beg of the internet to find full video of this so we can see Gould hoisting shots, because according to Gould — who recounted this afternoon to Rich Eisen a few years ago — he actually beat Jordan in the Around The World portion and gave him a letter to start HORSE.

I don’t know if this is a LeBron-Jordan Crawford situation where Nike took and burned the tapes, but I demand the Elliott Gould Cut be released ASAP, because I need to see this man hitting two-handed set shots against Michael Jordan like I need air to breathe.