Here’s A Rare Glimpse Of Michael Jordan Dunking In High School

For some of sports’ greatest figures, public perception has calcified. Our images of the legends can be just as permanent as a bronze bust in a Hall of Fame. Merely say the name “Michael Jordan” and the same few highlight plays will play in everyone’s mind, soundtracked to the same commercial, which is why that commercial never goes away. Maybe that’s why the chance to see moments from before Michael Jordan was MICHAEL JORDAN is so alluring.

The above video, unearthed by MaxPreps, may be short on real game footage of baby MJ, instead focusing on images of his alma mater, Laney High School (which has recently unveiled a new basketball facility sponsored by Jordan himself), but the precious little is still enough to set off an endorphin rush imagining the future that was still uncertain back then.

Jordan dunking in high school is the same sort of fun as watching how Indiana Jones got his scar… only, you know, real, and not a cash-grab prequel. Everyone wants to add depth to the legend. So, if you need me, I’ll be replaying that dunk over and over until I get sick of it.


(Via MaxPreps)