Is Michael Jordan Now A Tactical Advantage At The Negotiating Table With The Players’ Union?

03.22.16 2 years ago
michael jordan

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Labor negotiations are ongoing between the NBA’s owners and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). We’ll save you all the nuanced, detailed portions of the discussions to go to an interesting development that has come about, during talks leading up to the summer of 2017 when either side can opt out of the current contract bargaining agreement (CBA). According to Adrian Wojnarowski, one of the most powerful voices that has emerged in these talks belongs to Michael Jordan.

That’s right, Jordan — who is unfairly viewed by some as an aloof former player who doesn’t really care about running a team — is reportedly “a strong voice championing the small markets on the owners’ powerful labor-relations committee.” According to Wojnarowski, Jordan is more relevant now than he ever has been during his tenure as an owner.

In multiple meetings with union officials and players in New York, Jordan is a serious voice in these ongoing discussions, league sources told The Vertical. Jordan’s appointment onto that powerful ownership committee has been secret until now, but his sudden standing strengthens what’s been a sometimes jagged journey into the ownership community.

Jordan’s emergence on the labor-relations committee – as well as the NBA’s competition committee – has strengthened his legitimacy as a league owner. Of course, consensus on a labor deal is a long way away, but those on the sides of the league and union all agree on this: Michael Jordan is a formidable factor in this process.

You probably think that this is happening because he’s Michael Jordan, and the name “Michael Jordan” has more pull than any other name in the history of professional basketball.

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