Relive The Magic Of Michael Jordan’s Iconic ‘The Shot’ On Its 28th Anniversary

05.07.17 12 months ago 4 Comments

Getty Image / Getty Ed Wagner Jr./Chicago Tribune

Sunday is a day that former Cavs guard Craig Ehlo does not want to be reminded of, but unfortunately for him that’s exactly what the Chicago Bulls did on Twitter. May 7 is the 28th anniversary of “The Shot,” Michael Jordan‘s iconic and historic game-winner against the Cavs, and they posted video of the baseline angle — which shows the iconic jump celebration — on Twitter to celebrate.

The backstory for “The Shot” is still one of the better narratives in NBA history.

The Bulls and Cavs at the time, were two of the better young teams in the East and that dynamic played out during their first-round series in the 1989 NBA playoffs. The teams were fairly even matched, which is why the series was tied up 2-2 and came down to a series deciding Game 5. And given the closeness of the series, Game 5 came down to the final seconds, where Jordan stepped up, knocking down a double-clutch, buzzer-beater that instantly became known as “The Shot.”

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