Michael Jordan’s 20 Best Commercials

02.14.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

Michael Jordan turns 50 on Sunday, a milestone that marks a half-century of the greatest player ever to play the game. He’s been out of basketball for nearly a decade, but his legend remains whether on sneakers, memories or game tape. Dime explores the greatest aspects of the GOAT’s career for his birthday. Today: MJ’s 20 best commercials of all time.

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At his career peak Michael Jordan held two, equally as superlative titles: world’s best basketball player, and world’s best endorser. Because of both, MJ starred in dozens of commercials both during and after his playing days. We’ve collected his 20 best here today, starting with …

20. Hanes – “The Mustache”
I don’t even like this commercial. Or airplanes. Or underwear. But I couldn’t make a list of Jordan’s top commercials without including the unfortunate mustache. Sue me!

19. Air Jordan XX
Spike Lee made plenty of appearances in Jordan commercials as Mars Blackmon (who we’ll get to later in the list). But this is one of his few appearances as himself. The commercial has good music, it’s motivating, and he reads from a giant book. You literally couldn’t ask for anything else.

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