Miles Bridges Won MVP Of The Rising Stars Challenge After Tweeting At Halftime

Let’s be honest. We all tuned into the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night in Chicago to see Zion Williamson put on a show. And he did precisely that. In fact, he put on such a vicious dunk fest in the first half that he nearly tore down the entire goal, forcing arena personnel to come out and make repairs at halftime.

But it wasn’t just the Zion show. The Team USA and Team World rosters were both filled of some of the best young talent the NBA has to offer, and each one of them was determined to make the most of their time in the spotlight, despite the loose nature of the competition.

And by the final buzzer, it was Charlotte’s Miles Bridges who walked away with MVP honors for his 20-point effort in Team USA’s 151-131 victory, which by the way, came after a tweet he sent out during halftime, presumably telling us all to tune in as he was gearing up to put on a show of his own.

It was a premonition that turned out to be correct, as he upset the presumptive favorite, Zion, and arguably had the dunk of the night in the process. Bridges is easily among the league’s most entertaining high fliers, and Friday night was a good reminder and, hopefully, a preview of more to come.