Minor League Baseball Team Plans For Fake Rings to Honor LeBron

06.15.11 8 years ago 9 Comments

The best part about this story? Peoria isn’t even in Ohio. Nope, they are making fun of LeBron all over the USA. Soon, someone will probably make a song about it. Maybe we’ll get an annual LeBron “Choke” day. Perhaps a minor league team will give out fake NBA championship rings to fans…

Wait. They are actually doing that. Minorleaguebaseball.com writes (via TBJ):

The Peoria Chiefs have added a LeBron James 2011 NBA Championship Replica Ring Giveaway to all fans on Thursday June 16 to enhance the Salute to the 1990s Chicago Bulls Championship Teams Night. The replica ring, which like LeBron’s is non-existent, will be handed out to all fans through the gates prior to the 7:00 p.m. game against Wisconsin.

Throughout the night the Chiefs will be celebrating a true champion, the 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998 Chicago Bulls. Despite having the greatest player of all time, the most decorated coach in NBA history and two other Hall of Famers, the Bulls always played, and won as a team. There will be video clips of the Bulls titles along with audio highlights and trivia while the team will take the field to “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project.

In addition to the LeBron replica ring, the Chiefs are looking into whether or not the game can skip the fourth inning to honor King James who took off the fourth quarter of every finals game.

“We aren’t sure if the league will allow it,” said team President Rocky Vonachen. “But if LeBron doesn’t need to show up for the fourth, maybe we won’t either.”

There will also be opportunities during the game for people to perform the Heimlich on one another so no one chokes. Ruthless.

Even the Vice President of Ticket Sales Eric Obalil took a shot at James, saying all of this is in good fun; The players and the team are just trying to wake up every day and find ways to solve all of their “personal problems.”

What do you think?

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