Muggsy Bogues’ Fifth-Grade Grandson Already Has Handles Like His Grandfather

In an era defined by size, Muggsy Bogues stood out for his lack of it.

The diminutive, 5’3 guard is one of the shortest players in league history, yet that height (or, really, lack thereof) did not in the least bit hinder his prolific NBA career. If anything, it augmented it. Bogues managed to carve out a more-than-respectable professional career, defined mostly by his ten years with the Charlotte Hornets. Since he retired, we haven’t heard much from him aside from a brief head coaching stint with the now-defunct Charlotte Sting of the WNBA. But where one Bogues has faded, another has burst onto the scene: his grandson, Samartine “Fatman” Bogues.

First off, we’re kind of undecided as to whether that’s a great or horrible nickname. If he were older and fatter, it’d obviously be demeaning. But as a little child…it’s kind of cool? Maybe?

More important than his nickname, though, are his handles, because they are ridiculous. He has tremendous control of the ball, almost in the fashion of Kyrie Irving or Chris Paul, who always manage the appearance of having the ball on a string. He’s also got a decent floater and some nice vision (although, the competition is very young so really none of this matters), showing shades of his grandfather.

We probably won’t hear about Fatman again until he’s a top recruit (assuming he is a top recruit, and assuming he continues playing basketball), so these highlights will have to tide us over until that time.