Myles Turner Venmo’d Someone ‘A Penny For Your Thoughts’ After They Requested $100 For An Off Night

Myles Turner didn’t exactly have his best game on Monday night. The Indiana Pacers lost to the Chicago Bulls, 120-112, with Turner scoring 11 points, pulling in six rebounds, and blocking six shots in the loss. It was simultaneously one of those games where you know Turner can do better — especially as a scorer, because he shot 2-for-10 from the field and hit one of his six attempts from three — but at the same time, it was a sleepy February loss to a team with playoff aspirations, which isn’t totally unusual.

Still, something memorable did come out of that game: Turner ended up giving someone the bare minimum amount of cash based on how he played, turning to an old school adage to let them know they are acknowledging that were not happy with his performance during the game.

What it appears happened is that after the game, the fan who Turner quote tweeted wasn’t happy with his performance, sending a Venmo request for $100. It is an outstanding heat check by the fan, admittedly, but it’s also one that Turner called in an equally outstanding way. We really could use more Venmo-based banter between fans and professional athletes, so long as that banter never reaches Twitter levels of extremely bad discourse.

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