NASA Invited Steph Curry To Visit Them To See Proof Humans Have Been On The Moon

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12.11.18 6 Comments

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The NBA provides fans with the best basketball on earth on a nightly basis. It’s also a league that prides itself on how entertaining it can be off the court, although sometimes, that’s for reasons that are rather odd. For example, conspiracy theories are becoming en vogue among players. Kyrie Irving being a flat earther is the most prominent example of this, but on Monday, we learned that Steph Curry is of the belief that humans never landed on the moon.

This is a conspiracy that has existed ever since Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969. While Curry didn’t go as far as to say that he believed there’s a soundstage in Queens where the whole thing was faked or anything, he did reveal that he is skeptical Neil Armstrong and co. ever made it onto earth’s natural satellite.

It’s something that NASA has been dealing with for decades, but apparently, someone as prominent as Curry spreading this rubbed them the wrong way. In response, NASA spokesperson Allard Beutel spoke to Ben Hoffman of the New York Times and invited Curry to come see the proof they possess.

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