MyPlayer Customization Gets Some Major Upgrades In ‘NBA 2K20’


We are steadily nearing the release of NBA 2K20, which will give fans something to do other than argue about offseason nonsense and gives them a chance to get their minds right heading into the 2019-20 season.

The demo for 2K20 dropped on Wednesday, as fans can begin creating their MyPlayer. It’s a way to let folks get a jumpstart on creating their player for when the game drops so they can seamlessly jump into the career mode, and this year, that’s a good thing because of how much deeper the player creation process goes.

The 2K team released a video detailing all of the changes they made to the MyPlayer customization, which will allow you to go into much greater detail in choosing exactly what attributes your player has. Once again, your player can earn badges that coordinate with increased skills, but this year there are over 50 badges you can acquire — and you pick which ones you upgrade — along with over 100 archetypes that you can build your player around.

It’s a robust expansion of the player creation and enhancement system, and gives game players more control over what their player improves at. Along with that expansion, the 2K team promises that players will improve faster, which will be a welcome sight for those that have been frustrated with how slow progress arrives for your player if you don’t sink money into buying VC.

The story mode, as we know from the trailer, features all manner of star cameo appearances from the likes of Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson, but once you get into your career, you can expect to have more control over your player’s game and, hopefully, see results and progress faster than before.