The New ‘NBA 2K17’ Trailer Shows Paul George Practicing Tai Chi And Kevin Durant Eating Cereal In A Tub

Even though NBA 2K17‘s official release isn’t until Sept. 20, the developers at 2K have made The Prelude, an introduction to the game’s huge new MyCareer mode, available right now on XBox One and PS4.

To accompany that launch, they’ve also released the “Time to Assemble” trailer you see above, with stars like Kevin Durant, Paul George and Draymond Green finally getting off their offseason butts and into some sort of futuristic lab. That means you get Paul George practicing tai chi, and Kevin Durant giving up the wonderful life of eating cereal in a bathtub. Stars, they’re just like us (except KD throws his phone in the bathtub because he’s so rich)!

Kyrie Irving, Andre Drummond, Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns also get called to assemble, where Drummond gets scolded by a Coach K hologram. (Just like the real Coach K would!) We love the scenarios that the stars have to extricate themselves from, none more than Butler running through the desert, with Towns holding an umbrella and a water bottle for him. Is KAT getting paid to be Jimmy’s lackey? Did he lose a bet? We’ll probably never know. The alternate universe in NBA2K land leaves us with so many unanswered questions.

The NBA2K17 app has been officially launched on smartphones ahead of the game’s release as well.