‘NBA 2K21’ Is Getting A Much Needed Shooting Hotfix On Sunday

As everyone dove into NBA 2K21 this weekend there was a common refrain from experienced and casual gamers alike: Why is it so damn hard to shoot?

The biggest gameplay change for this year’s edition was an enhanced shot stick, which promised more control for ball-handling and, once you got the hang of it, more control around the rim and pulling up for shots of the dribble. However, there have been tons of complaints that it has become too difficult to shoot and the margin for error is effectively nil for shooting from three-point range in the game. It’s led a lot of gamers to just say they aren’t shooting from the perimeter at all for now, because all you end up doing is throwing up bricks.

The folks at 2K listened and came up with a bit of a compromise to help players that are trying to work their way into the new game. As such, a shooting hotfix is on the way for Sunday, September 6, that will apply to Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulties. The top difficulties and games on 2K Beach in the Neighborhood will not be effected by the fix. The goal of the fix, per 2K, is to help more casual players get more used to the shooting motion of the game as there are many (including myself) who are having serious struggles from the field in their MyCAREER — I will only shoot if near the rim, at this point.

Hopefully the hotfix will provide some needed relief and allow those of us that don’t log hours and hours on the 2K blacktop to still enjoy the game and shoot without killing our field goal percentages.