NBA Players Will Reportedly Be Banned From Hoverboards, Trampolines, And Gun-Carrying In The New CBA

The NBA and its players agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement last week, and we’re slowly learning just what it means for the league. While some players like Draymond Green were less than thrilled with the news, others were very excited about the agreement and its consequences.

Yeah, well, we’ll see just how happy they are now that we know hoverboards are banned.

Basketball Insiders obtained a copy of the term sheet. Some of these rule adjustments mean that the NBA is about to ban a number of things that could cause injury to players.

Other areas in the deal include health insurance and an increased pension for retired players, prohibited activities (now including fireworks, firearms, jet skiing, hoverboards, trampoline jumping, etc.) and a comprehensive policy for domestic violence incidents.

Until an actual Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is executed, the details are subject to change.

Hoverboards, of course, are that fancy gadget you buy at the mall at a kiosk that has a NO RETURNS NO REFUNDS sign prominently taped up by the register. They do not hover, but they are pretty easy to fall off and definitely explode.

Most of these banned things seem like common sense – we’ve seen fireworks damage careers in recent memory and guns in the locker room is something the league has looked to avoid in the past. But I’d bet J.R. Smith will be upset he can’t ride his Hovertrax to work anymore. It was a legitimate story back when people thought LeBron James banned them from the Cavs arena. Now that they’re banned league-wide, I’m sure there are going to be some frustrated players giving away their hoverboards at their next garage sale.

(Via Basketball Insiders)