ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Used A Funny Loophole To Tweet Out NBA Draft Picks Early

06.21.18 8 months ago

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Days before the 2018 NBA Draft, a number of outlets that are league partners supposedly agreed to not spoil draft picks on Twitter prior to when they happened on the television broadcast on ESPN.

However, that quickly went out the window when the draft started and reporters from other outlets that aren’t league partners were firing off tweets with what their league sources were telling them. Marc Stein of the New York Times dominated the first two picks, but once the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks agreed to the first major trade of the draft, all bets were off.

With the teams swapping the third and fifth overall picks, along with Atlanta collecting a 2019 pick from Dallas, the floodgates opened on Twitter as Yahoo’s Shams Charania and others quickly went back to their old ways. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski also jumped back into the game, but given that ESPN holds the actual broadcast rights to the draft he still had to tread lightly.

Woj, though, is a smart man and found a loophole in the policy he could expose by using his vocabulary to tip picks without outright saying the teams were going to select those players. The results were pretty hilarious as he dug deep into the thesaurus so he could change it up, pick-by-pick.

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