NBA Will Consider Moving Up The Finals If The Cavaliers And Warriors Sweep

The Golden State Warriors are up 3-0 on the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the chance to go up 3-0 on the Atlanta Hawks tonight in the Eastern Conference finals. The Finals are set to start June 4. If both teams sweep their respective opponents, there would be a week-long break between games. According to CBSSports.com‘s Ken Berger, the NBA may try to change that.

The NBA is exploring the possibility of moving up the start of the NBA Finals to June 2 if both conference finals series end in sweeps, league sources told CBSSports.com Sunday.

Anticipation is great for sports – it builds up excitement and intrigue. Too much of a break between action, though, and anticipation fades into apathy. That’s why the NBA can’t afford to have such a long lull in between the conference finals and the NBA finals – it would be a nightmare for ratings, killing all the momentum built up from the previous rounds.

However, As Berger notes, moving the start date of the Finals up is unlikely, given the many obstacles in the NBA’s path, such as scheduling conflicts with the arena, hotels and TV (not to mention the fact that it’s guarantee both series end in sweeps). But with so much money on the line, it makes sense that the league would do everything in their power to move the Finals up and keep the momentum going.

(CBS Sports)