Let This Couple Horsing Around At Target Get You Ready For The NBA Finals

06.01.15 4 years ago

Qias Omar is a vlogger based in California, and on occasion, he likes to go to Target with his girlfriend and play shopping-cart basketball. You may remember his March Madness-related antics, but he’s back for the NBA Finals — with jerseys this time!

Omar is, of course, repping the Warriors and clowning on his girlfriend with all the intensity of the overly-serious cousin treating a shootaround in your driveway like NBA scouts are watching. For her part, the Cavs-repping girlfriend gets some shots in, and is an excellent comic foil for Omar. She’s more than just the patient female shaking her head lovingly, so give her the credit she’s due.

These two have more fun at Target than you or I, and even more fun than Nick Young and Iggy Azalea. Although next time I’m at the store, I may want to recreate this moment:

Or I would, but my girlfriend plays much better defense.

(Via Youtube)

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