The NBA’s Best Impersonator Is Back With A Spot-On Kobe Bryant Impression

Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but viral impressionist extraordinaire Brandon Armstrong, aka @BdotAdot5 on Twitter, has a real knack for zeroing in on certain NBA players’ least flattering mannerisms and nonverbal ticks. Previously, he’s regaled us with uncanny impressions of James Harden’s signature moves, like his exaggerated Euro-step and overly-pronounced step-back jumper (not to mention his proverbial stirring of the pot), as well as Tim Duncan’s all-around wooden Indian routine.

He’s skewered Russell Westbrook’s hyperbolic post-dunk conniption fits, and perfectly captured Tony Allen’s aesthetically unpleasant jump shot and his obsessive preoccupation with First Team All-Defense accolades. Now, he’s back with a spot-on impression of Kobe Bryant and all of the glorious wonders that entails: the patented turnaround jumper after which he holds the pose while hopping on one foot, the crude habit of chewing on his jersey that he’s picked up the past couple of years, and perhaps most accurately, the fact that he is literally playing 1-on-4.

There’s no word yet on what the players themselves think about Armstrong’s hilarious impressions, but Kobe in particular certainly knows a thing or two about imitation.

(via @BdotAdot5 on Twitter)

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