The Full Lineup Of Players Joining Ahmad Rashad’s ‘NBA Inside Stuff’s 90’s Reunion’

The Last Dance has not just thrust Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls back into the forefront of sports fans’ minds, but it’s also brought back plenty of nostalgia and discussion of the 90s NBA as a whole.

With no actual basketball to create conversation and debate, many have begun relitigating arguments about what teams were the real biggest threats to the Bulls in the 90s, what players were the best of that era, and the ever-nauseating “how would current players fare in the 90s NBA’ discussion. The good news of that is it’s given a new generation a chance to appreciate players from that era and give some shine to some players that many know better now for their post-hoops career than their playing career.

On Sunday, prior to the final episodes of The Last Dance, Ahmad Rashad will be taking over the NBA’s social media accounts for an “Inside Stuff 90’s Reunion” that fans can watch at 7 p.m. ET on the NBA Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch accounts. Rashad will be joined by a who’s who of NBA stars from the 90s, as the league announced a long lineup of players that will be hopping on to talk with Rashad — and it’s important to note that the release notes “other surprise guests” are expected to appear as well.

Muggsy Bogues
Dell Curry
Clyde Drexler
Patrick Ewing
Tim Hardaway
Grant Hill
Robert Horry
Shawn Kemp
Karl Malone
Reggie Miller
Dikembe Mutombo
Gary Payton
Mitch Richmond
David Robinson
John Stockton
Dominique Wilkins

It’ll be cool to see all of these legends from the 90’s telling stories and looking back on that era, reminiscing on the battles with Jordan’s Bulls and others.