NBA Players That Plan Not To Play In The Bubble Will Reportedly Need To Tell Teams By June 24

The NBA and NBPA are currently working out the finer details of the return to play plan the two sides nearly unanimously agreed upon that will send 22 teams to Orlando to play in an 8-game race to the playoffs (which will be played in their entirety) at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

As more details come out, there’s also still plenty of confusion and concern among some players about the safety of the bubble, as well as whether the NBA’s return would serve as a distraction to the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of massive protests of police brutality and systemic racism that continue nationwide. Kyrie Irving and others have started a coalition to voice these concerns, and others like John Wall have given their support to those that aren’t keen on returning to the court.

Any player that chooses not to play in the bubble will not face any disciplinary action from the league, but the timeline for them to make a decision on coming back to play or sitting out must be made within the next week. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, players will need to inform their team they will not be reporting by June 24, and will miss out on 1/92.6 of their paycheck for each game missed — so, at least 8.6 percent for the eight-game restart.

Players that are excused from going to the bubble will not have their salary reduced and have until June 25 to notify teams, including those who are deemed at high risk.

That June 24 deadline would be next Wednesday, and that means it is incumbent on the league to have answers to players who have concerns, either about health or activism, before then for them to have all the necessary information to make such an important decision. The expectation is that the number of players that take this option will be relatively low, but as more players speak out to present their thoughts on the restart, it’s up to the league to alleviate those concerns by giving the players more firm information and a plan on how they will protect them as best as possible from the coronavirus as well as how they’ll ensure the league and players are able to advance the Black Lives Matter movement, have an impact on the community and address issues of racism.