NBA Players Respond After The Release Of Grand Theft Auto V

The new Grand Theft Auto 5 was released yesterday, and a lot of NBA players are touting it’s tripartite POV narration as well as other assorted features of the Rockstar classic. We’ve given you its trailer already, but lets hear from the NBA players that have already spent most of yesterday hooked on its immersive world during the last few weeks of the offseason.

First, an important question:


Good question Terrence Williams. Gordon Heyward‘s interest was piqued as well:


What say you Paul George?


It has been confirmed by the Indiana Pacers’ swingman that GTA 5 is in fact, “ill.”

That’s probably why DeMarcus Cousins spent most of last night playing.


Charlie Villanueva was similarly about to check out the new game.


Meyers Leonard thought it was “A must buy for a video game player like myself. This game is unreal.”


Kevin Durant had trouble with — and we didn’t know it featured this, but then we don’t have it yet — the alien level?