Reporters Across The NBA Are Dressing Like Craig Sager With #SidelineForSager

As you likely know by now, Craig Sager‘s cancer has returned and doctors have given the veteran NBA sideline reporter no more than six months to live. The somber news of Sager’s illness has brought the NBA community even closer together in a special way. Everyone from Steph Curry to Fred Hoiberg has voiced their support for Sager. Even Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who is notoriously tough to interview, couldn’t help but speak of his genuine affection for Sager.

That support has spread to sideline reporters across the NBA. On Tuesday evening, numerous reporters dressed a little extra flashy, a signature Sager move, to wear their feelings on their sleeves (so to speak) for the #SidelineForSager movement. You can check out some of the photos below.

These are just a sample with many more across local stations doing the same. It speaks to how influential Sager has been to the industry over the years, both in the journalism side, but also to the athletes and coaches. He’s one of the most beloved parts of the NBA, meaning everyone feels the effects of his cancer battle.

Obviously, everyone here is pulling for Sager, too, as he and his family go through this trying time together.