The NBA Reversed Its Policy And The ‘Tunnel Walk’ Will Return To The Bubble

Late Sunday night, a report emerged that, in the bubble, players were to arrive at the arena fully dressed in their warmups and uniforms ready for game action.

The “tunnel walk” has become a staple of entertainment just as much as the game itself, as players have the unique opportunity to show off their latest fits and personal style prior to games, but in the bubble that was going to be taken away. Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker, in particular, wasn’t too fond of the reported policy, telling ESPN‘s Nick DePaula it’s a key part of his and others’ pregame routines.

“That is crazy — I think that takes away [from] originally what getting dressed was all about. It wasn’t even about the tunnel walk, it was more about getting dressed up and going to work. To me, it’s like a mindset, getting dressed, and getting ready to go to my game. It puts me in the mindset that I’m ready to work and helps me find my focus.”

After pushback from Tucker, other players, and fans alike, the NBA reversed that decision on Monday, as a league spokesperson explained to DePaula.

“Considering the unique environment on the NBA Disney campus and warmer weather conditions, a different policy was put in place for players’ arrival and entry into the arenas.”

The players will have the chance to express themselves in the bubble as they have done in the past, and have a little sense of normalcy to a situation that is anything but.