Here Are Five Rookies To Watch During The 2019-20 NBA Season

There’s plenty of excitement around this NBA season following an offseason that was nothing short of chaotic. Players moved from team to team rapidly, whether they were superstars or the rotation players that make up the backbone of a team’s roster. But sometimes, it’s more exciting to see something brand new, and this year’s class of rookies promises to be a wildly entertaining group.

The above video takes a look at some of the most promising young players that are entering the NBA this year. The 2019 rookie class combines star power with gobs of potential, and up and down this past draft, it’s not hard to find reasons to be excited about what these youngsters could offer. But still, having said that, these five players are the ones who stick out above the rest. You can absolutely guess one name that appears on this list — hint: he dunks a lot and will rock the Jumpman on his feet for a long, long time — but don’t sleep on the rest of the names in this class.

Basketball fans get wowed by potential pretty easily. If these rookies have anything to say, those who love the game are going to spend a whole lot of time with their jaws on the floor for the foreseeable future.