All 30 NBA Teams Will Play In The Las Vegas Summer League

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Everyone’s going to Vegas this summer. Well, everyone in the NBA, at least, as the league announced on Tuesday that all 30 teams will participate in the Las Vegas Summer League this year for the first time ever.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that all NBA teams will play in the annual rookie showcase this summer. It’s a move that felt inevitable, given that Orlando announced that its league would fold up operations in November. The league then opened up participation to all 30 teams, and it seems like everyone was interested in hitting up Vegas in July.

Last year the league saw 24 teams participate, which means New York, Detroit, Indiana, Charlotte, Orlando and Oklahoma City will officially join the fold this summer in the desert. The Associated Press also reported that the Utah will still hold its summer league, with teams that participate in Salt Lake City then heading to Vegas afterward.

The AP also reported on the format of the league and the addition of another day to its schedule.

The NBA is also adding an extra day to the schedule for the event, which this year will run from July 6-17 at UNLV.

All teams will play at least five games, and some will play as many as eight depending on how far they advance in the playoff portion of summer league.

The 2017 Summer League saw a huge increase in attendance, selling out events due to the influx of talent like Lonzo Ball. Getting every team there this year will make the event even bigger, and make it even more of a destination for hoops fans in the offseason.