South Carolina’s Official Twitter Account Relentlessly Trolled Duke

03.20.17 12 months ago

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A thing a lot of us have in common is enjoying it when a perennial loser finds a way to win. It works for any sport. Pretty much every sports movie is based on the idea of an underdog beating a team of mean jerks. The Mighty Ducks. The Bad News Bears. The Replacements. We pull for the little people.

That’s why South Carolina beating Duke in the second round of the NCAA tournament was so great. The Gamecocks are hardly a basketball power and Duke is basketball evil incarnate. Even if you had Duke going far in your bracket, a part of you is happy you don’t have to celebrate Grayson Allen winning a championship.

And the people running the University of South Carolina’s Twitter account are here to revel in this moment.

Heck yeah. Duke is shook. Very shook. So shook. We can now move on to the Sweet 16 where… oh we’ve got more?

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