The Knicks Fan Who Sold His Fandom On The Internet Will Now Root For The Lakers

08.28.18 11 months ago

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They say that you do not choose your teams, but rather, your teams choose you. It could be because someone you look up to — a parent, a sibling, etc. — cheers for them, it could be a geographic thing, or it could be that you fall in love with a player or the way a team dominates the rest of the league.

If you’re new Lakers fan Evan Perlmutter, though, you root for the team because some dude on the internet spent $3,450. Perlmutter, age 33, was a lifelong supporter of the New York Knicks, but was recently pushed over the edge, deciding that he was willing to sell his fandom on the web.

The bidding came to a close, and the good news for Perlmutter is that he finally gets to live out the dream every Knicks fan has had since like 2010: Getting to root for LeBron James. According to Ian Begley of ESPN, 23-year-old James Riedel dropped more than three grand to turn Perlmutter into a Lakers fan.

As part of the auction, Perlmutter pledged to attend two games featuring his new team (one home, one away) and to bet $500 that the Lakers will surpass their over/under win total.

Riedel, 23, said he bid on Perlmutter’s auction because he thought it would “provide good content for my YouTube Channel.”

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