There’s A Billboard In New York Begging The Knicks Not To Trade Kristaps Porzingis

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Kristaps Porzingis did not get traded by the New York Knicks on draft night, but by now it’s pretty clear that Phil Jackson is still interested in making that happen. But Jackson might be the only person in New York who actually wants to see the Latvian leave town and play for another team.

Knicks fans hated the reports that Jackson was interested in exploring a trade that would send Porzingis elsewhere, and they quickly scrambled to fund a billboard across from Madison Square Garden that would tell the team what they think of the trade rumors.

The digital billboard said the group that bought it is “not affiliated with Porzingis. We just want him to stay.” The ad was revealed to come from Rob Perez and Cycle, who announced to the world on Thursday that they aren’t having any part of the Porzingis trade talk.

That might be the most blatant showing of anti-trade talk in New York, but Cycle and they’re not the only group hoping Jackson can’t find a dancing partner.
Even Porzingis himself made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to leave New York City.

Porzingis liked an Instagram photo of the billboard on Friday. It’s not the first time he’s used Instagram to show his dissenting opinion when it comes to his potential trade, but it’s a clear sign that much like Carmelo Anthony, he’s frustrated with Phil Jackson and the Knicks but no yet ready to cut ties.