Nick Young Or Iggy Azalea? Kobe Chooses “Fancy” Singer Over Teammate

Perhaps Nick Young’s perpetual act is finally wearing as thin on Kobe Bryant as we all expected. In a series of rapid fire questions by Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, Kobe was asked to choose between Swaggy P and his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea. Bryant’s answer? Iggy, of course.


It’s hard to dispute Kobe’s logic. Azalea is one of the most popular stars in music with a career clearly on the ascent. Young, meanwhile, seems entrenched in the NBA as a charmingly incompetent primary scorer.

We wonder, though, if Bryant was accounting for Swaggy’s big plans for the upcoming season. Maybe if Young makes good on his hopes of winning MVP or Defensive Player of the Year, he’ll loom larger in Kobe’s mind than the “Fancy” singer. But those goals are a long, long way from being accomplished.

Who do you choose: Swaggy P or Iggy?

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